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Four enchanting, new tales of castles, spells, and happily-ever-afters... "Spellbound" by Nora Roberts A bewitchingly beautiful lady casts a thousand-year love spell on the man of her dreams--and unleashes a nightmare that only true love can conquer. "Castle Doom" by Jill Gregory A Gypsy's prophecy spells love when an unlikely pair join to fight the unltimate evil--and find themselves in their own battle of hearts. "Falcon?s Lair" by Ruth Ryan Langan A young American travels to England to free her father's friend from a fatal curse...and discovers a helping hand from a charming, handsome spirit. "Dragonspell" by Marianne Willman With the help of a meddling sorceress, a brave young princess sets out to save her kingdom--and wins the heart of a dashing warrior along the way.
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Chicago has served as touchstone and muse to generations of writers and artists defined by their relationship to the citys history, lore, inhabitants, landmarks, joys and; ISBN:9781609380908; Poetry; Ryan G. Van Cleave; 174 pages; An Anthology of Chicago Poetry; Apr 1, 2012; City of the Big Shoulders David Owens; Music; In the late nineties, Wales (is) the centre for guitar bands in the UK so says John Robb in THE NINETIES and with bands as strikingly fresh and individual as Catatonia Welsh; ISBN:9781448116362; 288 pages; Cerys, Catatonia And The Rise Of Welsh Pop; Nov 30, 2011
Briefe der Generalin von Riedesel auf dieser Reise und whrend ihres sechsjhrigen Aufenthalts in America zur Zeit des dortigen Krieges in den Jahren 1776 bis 1783 nach Deutschland geschrieben; Friederike Charlotte Luise Freifrau von Riedesel; 1801; 352 pages; HARVARD:HX2Z6Q; Die Berufs-Reise nach America; Burgoyne's Invasion, 1777 ISBN:0763735639; Casey Bond; Combat Medic Field Reference; 329 pages; The Complete Fire Inspector I and II Training Solution! Fire inspectors need to know how to interpret and apply national and local codes and standards in the office and in the; History; 2005
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