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40 pages; By challenging a hairy stranger to imitate the behavior of herself and her ducklings, a mother duck proves that he is a fox and not a duck; ISBN:0763632848; Juvenile Fiction; 2007; Judy Hindley; Do Like a Duck Does!,
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Language Conflict and National Development; Jyotirindra Dasgupta, University of California, Berkeley. Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies; 293 pages; Group Politics and National Language Policy in India; ISBN:0520015908; 1970; History,, Sep 21, 2004; 32 pages; Juvenile Fiction; Hilary Knight; ISBN:0060009918; A Firefly in a Fir Tree; A Carol for Mice; Enhanced with beautiful watercolor illustrations, a republished tale from 1963 captures the excitement of the Christmas season as two festive mice apply their wit and
32 pages; Aug 1, 2009; ISBN:0778747891; I Said No!; Juvenile Nonfiction; John Burstein; Refusal Skills; Learning to say "no" to cigarettes, drugs, and other dangers is one of the most important tools a child can have. In this new book by Slim Goodbody, children are taught to ISBN:0002250683; 1997; Delectables for All Seasons; Cooking; Spices; A delightful addition to the Delectables for All Seasons series. Besides everyday kinds of spices such as salt and pepper, SPICES reveals a long list of fragrant spices that; Maryjo Koch; 80 pages, The Spirit of Prophecy: The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, Volume 4; HARVARD:HWRL55; The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan; Ellen Gould Harmon White; 1885 Uniforms of Imperial & Soviet Russia in Color; ISBN:0764313207; 2001; As Illustrated by Herbert Kntel : 1907-1946; Herbert Kntel, Robert W. Kenny; 200 pages; Social Science; Includes 100 images of Russian Army uniforms from 1907-1920, 45 images of post-World War II uniforms, and 50 images of Russian/Soviet uniforms from 1921-1946,
Kambi Ya Simba Through the Eyes of Its Youth; The history, geography, and culture of Kambi ya Simba, Tanzania, as seen through the eyes of school students aged sixteen to eighteen years old. Sponsored by What Kids Can Do; Nov 19, 2008; ISBN:1439576165; 74 pages; In Our Village; Social Science; Students at Awet Secondary School in Tan
ISBN:9781604132267; Trevor Conan Kearns, Jennifer L. Weber; Terrorism; 2010; Uses alphabetic entries to cover the contemporary history of, and issues related to, terrorism; 118 pages; Juvenile Nonfiction,, Holland M. Smith, Percy Finch; ISBN:9781387068616; Biography & Autobiography; Coral and Brass; Coral and Brass is the biography of General Holland McTyeire "Howlin' Mad" Smith, known as the "father" of modern U.S. amphibious warfare. His book is a riveting first-hand; 196 pages; Jun 29, 2017