Using an Outcome-Based Framework to Analyse Drug Policies Upon Methamphetamine Markets: A Comparison of New Zealand and the United States (Oregon), 2007, Fulbright New Zealand, 2007, 9780958285827, Matthew Nice

New Zealand was unprepared for the arrival and fast growth of methamphetamine use. An examination of government policy outcomes upon the methamphetamine market was performed using historical drug purity data. Results found that while a variety of increased enforcement activities have occurred, the market availability and purity of the drug has not diminished. Market purity levels increased from 30% in 2001 to 75% in 2003, and have since remained stable. Precursor chemical controls that target domestic drug manufacture – seen to substantially diminish the methamphetamine markets in the United States – had no measurable impact in New Zealand largely because they were not universally enacted and monitored. Additionally, while drug apprehensions have doubled, the likelihood of conviction has declined and currently those convicted do not face the possibility of legally mandated drug treatment. The government has several opportunities to significantly reduce the country’s methamphetamine market availability and better prepare the country for future drug threats. These include creating a national drug monitoring program, adopting drug market availability outcome measures, improving prosecution outcomes, and developing the infrastructure to force drug offenders into appropriate treatment. For all recommendations, close monitoring and regular reporting on the results of the investments would be essential.
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