The Barmaid's Brain and Other Strange Tales from Science, 1999, 9780140260670, Penguin Group (Canada), 1999, Jay Ingram

In The Barmaid's Brain, Jay Ingram explores some of the little known quirks of human behaviour, including why we laugh and how we see mirages; he reports on science's various attempts to reexamine history, including startling theories about the Salem witches, a psychiatric profile of Joan of Arc and the raging debate about the first-ever map of the New World; he brings our attention to remarkable battles, from the parasitic nastiness of cowbirds, to the tiny but deadly guerrilla attacks of ant lions; and he introduces us to the sometimes odd concerns of the scientist, for instance whether it is possible that early humans spent their lives in water instead of on land, and just how does slinging drinks affect the memory and the perception of the barmaid's brain? Weird, witty and always edifying, The Barmaid's Brain serves up a splendid cocktail of fact, theory and anecdote in twenty-one of Jay Ingram's favourite tales from the world of science.
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