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Melvin W. Hanna; Quantum mechanics in chemistry; Science; UOM:39015016098736; 1969; 260 pages ISBN:1439107440; Family & Relationships; Jun 23, 2008; Although marriage is for grown-ups, very few of us are grown up when we marry. Here, the bestselling author of Suddenly Sixty and Necessary Losses presents her life-affirming; Grown-Up Marriage; Judith Viorst; What We Know, Wish We Had Known, and Still Need to Know About Being Married; 304 pages 407 pages; ISBN:1557986495; The Psychology of Couples and Illness; Jan 1, 2000; Medical; Theory, Research, and Practice; With the majority of adults involved in intimate relationships and chronic illness on the rise, the impact of illness on couples has become a significant area of psychological; Karen B. Schmaling, Tamara Goldman Sher ISBN:0415413796; This symposium, held in Argentina in March 2003, commemorates Otto Nordenskjlds 1901 expedition, and pays tribute to the Swedish and Argentinian explorers who took on the; Jorge Rabassa, Maria Laura Borla; 214 pages; Antarctic Peninsula & Tierra del Fuego: 100 years of Swedish-Argentine scientific cooperation at the end of the world; Science; Nov 23, 2006; Proceedings of "Otto Nordensjold's Antarctic Expedition of 1901-1903 and Swedish Scientists in Patagonia: A Symposium", Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2-7, 2003 HarperCollins UK; English language; Collins Key English Skills is a series of six books designed to boost your child's literacy skills as they progress from Years 1-6; 32 pages; Key English Skills Age 10-11; Dec 1, 2012; ISBN:0007505132 Political Science; ISBN:0101711921; Government response to the Communities and Local Government Committee's report on the future of regional government; 14 pages; Government response to the Committee's 4th report, HC 352-I, session 2006-07 (ISBN 9780215033031. Dated 11 May 2007; Great Britain: Department for Communities and Local Government; May 11, 2007
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Jan 1, 2005; Aripan And Other Stories; Short stories, Indic (English); Stephen Alter; ISBN:8129108275; 232 pages; Interwoven through the themes of love and loss, these stories heighten a sense of nostalgia for the past, for home, for people and places never seen again. They tell of ISBN:1587610957; Betty Berzon, Barney Frank; 397 pages; Social Science; New Approaches to Gay and Lesbian Life; 2001; When POSITIVELY GAY was first published in 1979, it was widely praised for its practical treatment of a variety of topics affecting the lives of gays and lesbians. With a list; Positively Gay A Practical Guide from Basics to Advanced Techniques; 315 pages; ISBN:0938665480; In this clear, well-illustrated manual to the Global Positioning System, mariners will find simple solutions to navigational challenges. It introduces the novice to the basics; Kevin Monahan, Don Douglass; Jan 1, 1998; Global Positioning System; GPS Instant Navigation ISBN:0153495537; 127 pages; Juvenile Nonfiction; Hsp, Harcourt School Publishers; Sep 1, 2005; Harcourt Math Georgia Edition Challenge Workbook Grade 3,, ISBN:0202307034; Social Problems; 2003; Social Science; Donileen R. Loseke, Joel Best; This collection of focused essays is directed at several levels of students of social problems. It is accessible to the uninitiated, who are not familiar with the; Constructionist Readings; 277 pages,,,
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Jan 15, 2013; (; Business & Economics 2005; Married to a Man and in Love with a Woman; Living Two Lives; 193 pages; ISBN:1555839185; Social Science; Joanne Fleisher; A licensed clinical social worker, Fleisher presents this guide (culled from her own personal experiences) to help married women navigate the often complicated stages of coming ISBN:9781135245429; Jan 14, 2014; The Revival of Right Wing Extremism in the Nineties; Peter H. Merkl, Leonard Weinberg; Most studies of the radical right concentrate on movements in a single country, neglecting to some extent the international dimensions of right-wing extremism. Here, Merkl and; 304 pages; Political Science Betty Berzon; This gay marriage manual was originally published in 1988 and has sold well ever since. Dr. Berzon has updated it to reflect the current media focus on gay marriage and the; ISBN:0452286212; 2004; Building Gay & Lesbian Relationships that Last; 350 pages; Social Science; Permanent Partners,
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Fiction; 80 pages; Edith Wharton; ISBN:1419119656; Jun 1, 2004; That night we went up once more to the rock of Cassel. The moon was full, and as civilians are not allowed out alone after dark a staff-officer went with us to show us the view; Fighting France Welcome to HorrorLand; Juvenile Fiction; A guide to the gruesome and frightening amusement park provides information on its rides, attractions, villains, and history; ISBN:9780545090087; Inc. Scholastic; A Survival Guide; 2009; 166 pages 384 pages; Family & Relationships; Getting the Love You Want, 20th Anniversary Edition; Harville Hendrix, Ph.D; Dec 26, 2007; ISBN:1429923938; REVISED AND WITH A NEW FOREWORD ARE YOU GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT? Originally published in 1988, Getting the Love You Want has helped millions of couples attain more loving; A Guide for Couples
As every photographer quickly learns, theres more to studio lighting than simply learning the equipment. InBasic Studio Lighting, an expert photographer and renowned; 2001; The Photographer's Complete Guide to Professional Techniques; Tony L. Corbell; ISBN:0817435506; Photography; Basic Studio Lighting; 144 pages 308 pages; ISBN:079143687X; Untouchable Pasts; Religion; Saurabh Dube; 1998; Constructs a history of an untouchable and heretical community, the Satnamis of Central India; Religion, Identity, and Power among a Central Indian Community, 1780-1950 UOM:39015059586043; The Oxford History of Board Games; For thousands of years, people have been planning attacks, captures, chases, and conquests - on a variety of different boards designed for an astonishing diversity of games; David Sidney Parlett; Games; 1999; 386 pages Naturalistic Inquiry provides social scientists with a basic but comprehensive rationale for non-positivistic approaches to research. It confronts the basic premise underlying; Philosophy; Apr 1, 1985; Yvonna S. Lincoln, Egon G. Guba; ISBN:0803924313; 416 pages; Naturalistic Inquiry
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