Hindu Mythology Quiz Book; 9788188322756; Pankaj Dixit; 2009; Prabhat Prakashan, 2009

Hinduism, one of the oldest religion on the earth, is an outcome of a continuous process of interaction of time-tested rituals, varied philosophical schools, in-, depth researched scriptures and renowned mythologies. It is more a way of life harmonising the micro & macro cosom, Purush & Prakriti, Brahma & Jiva. This book, in quiz form, gives a bird's eye view of all the basic fundamentals of Hindu religion i.e. philosophy, sculpture, temple architecture, plastic art forms and rituals. The chapter on Homas Yajnas & Fire rituals is a classic example of Vedic ritualistic heritage. It will definitely create an interest for a detailed exposition on various facets of the religion for scholars as well as any modern day Hindu. A mini Encyclopaedia of Hinduism.
2009; 188 pages; Hindu Mythology Quiz Book; Hindu mythology; Pankaj Dixit; ISBN:818832275X
407 pages; ABC of Hinduism; Aug 22, 2017; Education; Prem P. Bhalla; Chief Justice P.B. Gajendragadkar of the Supreme Court of India, in a ruling in 1995 wrote, "When we think of the Hindu religion, unlike other religions in the world, the Hindu
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