Civics and Economics: Teaching Resources; Prentice Hall (School Division); Prentice Hall (School Division)

Education; 110 pages; Christine Compston; Developed to meet the needs of courses covering United States history from the Civil to the present; ISBN:0130438359; Jan 1, 2001; Constitution Study Guide
230 pages; Juvenile Nonfiction; ISBN:0131254545; Prealgebra; Jan 31, 2004; Prentice-Hall, Inc
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587 pages; The concise Maori handbook; UVA:X000675897; Foreign Language Study; Alexander Wyclif Reed, Aileen E. Brougham; 1978,,,
Susanna De Vries; Jan 1, 2005; In the 1800s, the first white farmers and graziers making their homes in the outback were joined by their wives, many of whom had no idea what lay in store. This book profiles; 302 pages; Australia; ISBN:0732276632; Great Pioneer Women of the Outback
ISBN:8466308245; 2006; This is the chronicle of three generations of Clearys, ranchers carving lives from a beautiful, hard land. A sweeping saga of dreams, struggles, dark passions, and forbidden; 800 pages; El pjaro espino; Fiction; Colleen McCullough, J. Ferrer Aleu, A Story of Courage; 70 pages; While looking for Steps High, the horse that had been stolen from her, Kaya faces danger from a sudden mountain fire. Includes historical notes on the Nez Perce Indians; Juvenile Fiction; Changes for Kaya; 2002; ISBN:1584854332; Janet Beeler Shaw Gurinder Chadha; Juvenile Nonfiction; Our OCR GCSE Gateway Science course provides the simplest, clearest approach to the specifications. We focus on support, motivation and exam preparation. The GCSE Science; ISBN:019913555X; OCR Gateway GCSE Science Resources and Planning Pack; May 19, 2011; 866 pages, 376 pages; ISBN:078673499X; Feb 23, 2009; In The Footsteps of Churchill; Richard Holmes; Biography & Autobiography; One of the most admired political leaders of all time, Winston Churchill remains an icon four decades after his death. Here, the eminent military historian Richard Holmes,
Fran Leeper Buss, Daisy Cubias; Juvenile Fiction; Maria and her brother and sister, Salvadoran refugees, are smuggled into the United States in crates and try to eke out a living in Chicago with the help of a sympathetic family; 1991; Journey of the Sparrows; 155 pages; UTEXAS:059173000124551, 240 pages; Science; D. J. E. Whibley; Jan 1, 1980; CORNELL:31924002126179; Acacias of South Australia Oct 19, 2003; Parents Picks: The Activity Book; 209 pages; Family & Relationships; A collection of activities for children includes instructions for host of crafts, games, and activities using household items, exploring nature, and enjoying ordinary places; Marge Kennedy, Editors of Parents Magazine, Karen White; ISBN:0312988745, 1906; 227 pages; Francis Viel-Griffin; UCAL:$B152282; La partenza; In memoriam Stphane Mallarm; L'amour sacr; Plus loin, pomes, Brian Lewis; 120 pages; Religion; Ladies ! Before You Say "I Do"; ISBN:9781600343025; Lewis's marriage guide discusses the keys to a successful marriage as well asthe root causes of divorce. (Practical Life); Jul 1, 2006
400 pages; Reference; Edited by Ian Herbert, President of the International Association of Theatre Critics, Secretary of the Drama Section of the Critics' Circle in London, and editor of Theatre; ISBN:0203682645; World of Theatre 2003 Edition; Sep 6, 2003; An Account of the World's Theatre Seasons 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002; Ian Herbert, Nicole Leclercq Technology & Engineering; 322 pages; Manufacturing has entered the early stages of a revolutionary period caused by the convergence of three powerful trends: The rapid advancement and spread of manufacturing; Mar 31, 1989; ISBN:9780412016516; Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Handbook; V.D. Hunt
Jan 1, 1979; IND:39000002683568; Cinematography; Lenny Lipton; Lipton on Filmmaking; 223 pages,
UOM:39015009264022; 1983; 507 pages; Hayden Herrera; Frida, a Biography of Frida Kahlo; Biography & Autobiography; An in-depth biography of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo details her haunting and original painting style, her turbulent marriage to muralist Diego Rivera, her association with,
How to program and interface the 6800; Andrew C. Staugaard; UCSD:31822032896417; Computers; 414 pages; Jan 1, 1980; Introduces Microprocessors & Single-Chip Microcomputers Through the Motorola 6800 Family. Discusses Internal Structure, Instruction Set, Programming Techniques, Hardware ISBN:9781440586484; History; U.S. History 101; Historic Events, Key People, Important Locations, and More!; Jan 2, 2015; Collects quick snapshots of historic and political events from American history from the Battles of Bunkerhill and Yorktown to the great recession; 288 pages; Kathleen Sears,,, Philip Giddings; Issues for a New Century; ISBN:1403995273; How has Parliament changed since 1964 and how must it further evolve to meet the challenges of a new century in the light of devolution, a growing European Union and a post; Dec 9, 2005; The Future of Parliament; Political Science; 272 pages Don't You Know There's a War On?; Jonathan Croall; History; Voices from the Home Front; ISBN:0750936991; This personal portrait of a nation at war gathers the personal stories of 35 people, drawn from all walks of life, and evokes the reality of life in Britain during the Second; 289 pages; 2006
222 pages; ISBN:0811727653; Describes in detail how to catch every kind of freshwater fish in almost any situation; Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques; 1997; Sports & Recreation; Gene Kugach The Reality of Time; Errol E. Harris; Philosophy; 204 pages; 1988; Case Studies in Argument Evaluation; ISBN:088706860X, Seventh-Day Adventists; The Spirit of Prophecy: The great controversy between Christ and Satan. The death, resurrection and ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ; HARVARD:32044054748306; Ellen Gould Harmon White; 1878
Two blue crabs feed together, mate, and see their offspring grow up to continue the life cycle; 27 pages; Crabby & Nabby; ISBN:096163443X; Suzanne Tate; Juvenile Nonfiction; A Tale of Two Blue Crabs; 1988, Vocabulary in Language Teaching; Foreign Language Study; Mar 13, 2000; ISBN:0521669383; 224 pages; Norbert Schmitt; This comprehensive introduction to vocabulary makes research and theory accessible to language teachers,,