Classics Illustrated Deluxe #3: Frankenstein 9781597071314 144 pages Mary Shelley 2009 Papercutz, 2009

Mary Shelley's original novel, "Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus" is not only a masterwork of horror, but it's also considered to be one of the earliest science fiction stories ever. Even today, its themes of man exerting god-like powers in order to create life from death remain a passionately debated topic as modern science continues its experiments with cloning, DNA, and stem cells. Marion Mousse brings the story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and his tragic monster to frightening new life in this all-new comics adaptation, with dark and brooding artwork that appeals to today's fans of cutting-edge graphic novels. With the greater page length the CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED DELUXE provides, so much more of the original novel is part of the adaptation, which quite possibly makes this the best comics version yet.
Kenneth Grahame The first volume of the new CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED DELUXE series presents graphic novelist Michel Plessix's lush adaptation of "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame. The ISBN:1597070963 144 pages Classics Illustrated Deluxe #1: The Wind in the Willows Jan 22, 2008 Juvenile Fiction
Juvenile Fiction Emily Bronte ISBN:1597072494 56 pages Classics Illustrated #14: Wuthering Heights Sep 13, 2011 Emily Brontes romantic masterpiece Wuthering Heights established the quintessentially dark, brooding antihero in the form of the character Heathcliffe when first published
ISBN:1894998154 Johnny Appleseed Juvenile Fiction Describes the life and the legend of the frontiersman known as Johnny Appleseed Aug 1, 2004 Jack Lake Productions, Incorporated, William Ellery Jones 32 pages
H. G. Wells ISBN:1597071064 One of the most gripping of H.G. Wells science-fiction sagas, The Invisible Man is the story of a brilliant young scientist who impetuously experiments upon himself, and then Jun 24, 2008 Juvenile Fiction Classics Illustrated #2: The Invisible Man 56 pages
Subject to Change This collections of essays is a reprint of a special issue of the Journal of English and Foreign Languages on Teaching Literature . The contributions to this anthology reflect ISBN:8125013458 308 pages Susie J. Tharu Teaching Literature in the Nineties English literature Jan 1, 1998,,
420 pages Sep 1, 2011 ISBN:1460960351 Jean Hackensmith Kaitlyn Emberland was brutally raped five years ago. She almost died, and her assailant left behind forty-two scars to remind her of their encounter. She will never trust a man Tender Persuasion ISBN:0135140870 English language Differentiated Literacies Teaching Reading to English Language Learners 289 pages Socorro Guadalupe Herrera, Della R. Perez, Kathy Escamilla 2010, 244 pages Laurence Brockliss, John Cardwell, Michael Moss Oct 6, 2005 Nelson's Surgeon:William Beatty, Naval Medicine, and the Battle of Trafalgar History William Beatty, Naval Medicine, and the Battle of Trafalgar In the lead-up to the bicentenary of Trafalgar a number of important new studies have been published about the life of Nelson and his defeat of the Combined Fleet in 1805 ISBN:9780199287420
Cenerentola handed Ramiro a bracelet. You will recognize me by the twin to this bracelet. If you still want me when you find me, I ll marry you 96 pages Jan 1, 2007 Juvenile Fiction The Barefoot Book of Stories from the Opera ISBN:1846860989 Shahrukh Husain, James Mayhew, Miranda Richardson
2010 Language Arts & Disciplines ISBN:1592579558 Barbara Slate, Tom DeFalco A syndicated columnist and veteran graphic novelist guides aspiring artists and writers through the process of creating their own graphic novels, including how to create You Can Do a Graphic Novel 187 pages, Paul A. Opler Nature 540 pages ISBN:0395791510 A Field Guide to Western Butterflies Encompassing nearly six hundred species of butterlies found west of the 100th meridian, this updated handbook features lifelike color plates, photographs, maps, and line 1999 Sep 29, 2009 D. H. Lawrence said that there could be no more perfect work of the American imagination than Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, which makes it ideal material for Juvenile Fiction Classics Illustrated #6: The Scarlet Letter Nathaniel Hawthorne ISBN:1597071625 56 pages 2008 ISBN:1595822003 Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Bernie Wrightson Comics & Graphic Novels 250 pages Frankenstein, Or, The Modern Prometheus Twenty-five years after its original release, Wrightson's illustrated version of Shelley's "Frankenstein" is still considered to be one of the greatest achievements by any
Dec 6, 2012 M. Wajid Khan Technology & Engineering Nematode interactions are important biological phenomena and of great significance in agriculture. It is a fascinating subject which is multidisciplinary by nature, and 377 pages ISBN:9789401114882 Nematode Interactions Social Science The young Christianne DuPre lives in turmoil under Lord Antoine LaFitte's guardianship. At 20, she flees France to escape his cruelty. She sails to New Orleans, where she joins ISBN:9781460205723 Nov 13, 2013 Loessial Land Sara Swanson 192 pages
A Collection of Crime Comics An anthology of original tales of murder and deceit features the biggest names in comics crime fiction, including such comics luminaries as Brian Azzarello, Ed Brubaker, David 115 pages Noir ISBN:1595823581 Diana Schultz, Dave Marshall, Brendan Wright, Brian Azzarello Comics & Graphic Novels 2009 The Graphic Novel Jan 30, 2014 Eoin Colfer ISBN:9780141353463 The Arctic Incident A stunning graphic-novel adaptation of the megaselling Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident. Adapted by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin. Art by Giovanni Rigano and colour by Paolo 128 pages Juvenile Fiction,
the plant parasitic nematodes 320 pages 1994 R. S. Singh, K. Sitaramaiah UOM:39015028873050 Science Plant pathogens, Transportation Don Knowles 1988 UOM:39015012760693 166 pages Automotive electronic and computer-controlled ignition systems,
Jane Stern, Michael Stern Cooking ISBN:0767902637 Chili Nation 1998 Features recipes for super garlic chili, Havana moon chili, Green Bay chili, yankee bean pot chili, and maple spiked chili with cheddar stars The Ultimate Chili Cookbook with Recipes from Every State in the Nation 166 pages
Passover Feb 1, 1993 24 pages ISBN:0807563617 Rhyming text and illustrations depict the history of Passover and one boy's family Seder Juvenile Fiction Miriam Nerlove,, Gore Vidl Americans The judgment of Paris 1952 375 pages UOM:39015000548969 390 pages The award-winning biography of black civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer This Little Light of Mine ISBN:0813191823 The Life of Fannie Lou Hamer Biography & Autobiography 1994 Kay Mills By far the best-selling introduction to statistics for students in the behavioral and social sciences, this text continues to offer straightforward instruction, accuracy, built ISBN:9780495602200 783 pages Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Frederick J. Gravetter, Larry B. Wallnau 2009 Mathematics This classic tale is a favorite of comics fans. Not only is it the inspiration for The Incredible Hulk, but Alan Moore, writer/creator of the best-selling Watchmen graphic Robert Louis Stevenson Dec 22, 2009 ISBN:1597071714 Juvenile Fiction Classics Illustrated #7: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 56 pages Jan 4, 2011 H. G. Wells ISBN:1597072354 Juvenile Fiction One of H.G. Wellss most visionary tales, The Island of Dr. Moreau relates the disturbing tale of Pendrick, a shipwrecked naturalist who unwittingly discovers a horrific Classics Illustrated #12: The Island of Dr. Moreau 56 pages 704 pages Lawrence James ISBN:9780748125364 This is the enthralling story of the great powerhouse of British history - the middle class. The death of feudalism, the advancement of democracy, the spread of literacy, the A History Dec 2, 2010 Biography & Autobiography The Middle Class
Walter Scott ISBN:1597072486 Classics Illustrated #13: Ivanhoe The Story of Wilfred of Ivanhoe has thrilled audiences since it was first conceived in the early 19th century. Set in 1194 at the end of the Third Crusade, Sir Walter Scotts 56 pages Apr 12, 2011 Juvenile Fiction,,
Feb 11, 2010 "A significant contribution to the literature on screen performance studies, Reframing Screen Performance brings the study of film acting up to date. It should be of interest Performing Arts ISBN:9780472025411 Reframing Screen Performance 310 pages Cynthia Baron, Sharon Marie Carnicke
32 pages The classic fairy tale of the Prince cursed to live as a hideous beast. Classics Illustrated tells this wonderful fairy tale in colorful comic strip form, providing an Beauty and the Beast Comics & Graphic Novels ISBN:1906814201 Charles Perrault, Dik Browne Sep 1, 2015 Tales from the Crypt #9: Wickeder Juvenile Fiction David Gerrold, Stefan Petrucha, Jim Salicrup 64 pages Sep 28, 2010 ISBN:159707215X Tales from the Crypt continues its popular style of parody in an all-new format! This time, the popular musical Wicked and the best-selling books associated with it cant
WISC:89032887838 Nematology, As An Independent Discipline Of Plant Protection Is Quite Young. Organised Research Was Started About 50 Years Back With Netherlands And U.K. Amongst The European Nematode diseases of plants Gopal Swarup, D. R. Dasgupta, P. K. Koshy Plant Diseases Jan 1, 1989 395 pages,,
2004 ISBN:1894998952 William A. Walsh The Story of Jesus 96 pages Juvenile Nonfiction Biography & Autobiography Robert Ian Moore UCSC:32106000194818 The origins of European dissent 322 pages 1977 Human-Computer Interaction 1994 Jenny Preece, Tom Carey, Yvonne Rogers, Simon Holland, Helen Sharp, David Benyon What is HCI?; Components of HCI; Interview with Terry Winograd; Humans and technology: Humans; Interview with Donald Norman; Cognitive frameworks for HCI; Perception and ISBN:0201627698 Business & Economics 775 pages Mar 6, 2007 When Nancy, Bess, and George visit a new Bio-Dome facility equipped with different world environments and animals, Sasquatch appears within the Arctic dome, creating havoc and 112 pages Nancy Drew #8: Global Warning Juvenile Fiction Stefan Petrucha, Carolyn Keene ISBN:1597070513 STANFORD:36105131646445 John Porcellino, Center for Cartoon Studies Presents in graphic novel format an account of the two years that Thoreau spent at Walden Pond Apr 22, 2008 Juvenile Nonfiction Thoreau at Walden 112 pages 129 pages ISBN:081573641X Bringing change to our public school system is hard, and the current system of education governance creates barriers that can make that reform even harder. Here six authorities Paul Thomas Hill, James Harvey Education New Partnerships for Real Change 2004 Making School Reform Work
Although shearers have been the heroes of the Australian labour movement's most enduring legends, here John Merritt argues that their reputation as militants has been greatly Oct 2, 1986 STANFORD:36105038080292 The making of the AWU Business & Economics John Merritt 432 pages
215 pages Biography & Autobiography the music of the Beatles Twilight of the gods UOM:39015000363666 Wilfrid Howard Mellers May 30, 1974, Language Arts & Disciplines Peter Robinson 2002 ISBN:9027216940 385 pages Individual Differences and Instructed Language Learning Second language learners differ in how successfully they adapt to, and profit from, instruction. This book aims to show that adaptation to L2 instruction, and subsequent L2 ISBN:1597071854 Mar 16, 2010 Robert Louis Stevenson 144 pages The themes of Robert Louis Stevensons classic novel Treasure Island; loyalty, adventure, morality and especially coming of age, make it ideal for Classics Illustrated Juvenile Fiction Classics Illustrated Deluxe #5: Treasure Island Leonard Wooley Religion The Buildings of the Third Dynasty Ur: The Buildings of the Third Dynasty, Volume 6 Jun 1, 1974 ISBN:068617772X 120 pages This volume deals with all the excavated monuments at Ur belonging to the Third Dynasty, other than the Ziggurat and its surroundings. Chapters are devoted to the mausolea of 238 pages Marry Shelley ISBN:1590600754 2002 Horror tales Illustrated Classic Frankenstein STANFORD:36105128004749 Tanganyika Amon James Nsekela Minara ya historia ya Tanganyika 1971 234 pages Tanganyika hadi Tanzania
1908 This Elibron Classics title is a reprint of the original edition published by Archibald Constable & Co., Ltd. in London, 1908 The Procedure of the House of Commons A Study of Its History and Present Form Parliamentary practice Josef Redlich ISBN:9781402139680 212 pages, Nikolai Litvin 159 pages 800 Days on the Eastern Front Biography & Autobiography 2007 Litvin's stark, candid memoir focuses on his more than two years of service in the Red Army during its war with Germany. Originally written in 1962 and recently revised through A Russian Soldier Remembers World War II STANFORD:36105123257326,, ISBN:0136396267 448 pages Computers Laboratory manual and workbook using C plus plus Oct 3, 1997 Andrew C Staugaard, Brenda Snider