Sew Stylish: Easy-sew Ideas for Customizing Clothes & Home Accessories | 96 pages | 9780307336637 | Potter Craft, 2006 | Katie Ebben | 2006

Designer looks. Creative know-how. Use-what-you-have ingenuity.Thrift meets craft in Sew Stylish, as author Katie Ebben presents easy sewing techniques to help you embellish, reinvent, and recycle everyday clothing and accessories. Whether it’s trimming a plain shirt with a ribbon, lengthening curtains with a false hem, or patching the elbow of a cardigan, each project blends sewing instruction and creative inspiration simply and wonderfully. Chapters focus on trimming, patching, hemming, darning and disguising, customizing, and reinventing, with step-by-step instructions and drawings to ensure polished results on the first try. Easy-sew ideas for customizing clothes and home accessories.Make it quick; make it your own. Sew Stylish offers simple makeovers for everything from jeans to sweaters to off-the-rack basics. Author Katie Ebben presents a modern twist on traditional sewing techniques and demonstrates clever ways to embellish, reinvent, and transform items for home and wardrobe. Eighteen inspiring projects incorporate everything from beading and appliqué to hemming and trimming. The approach is fun and lighthearted, and the clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions provide foolproof formulas to give soft furnishings and clothing a new lease on life.
Katie Ebben, Chris Tubbs | 144 pages | Crafts & Hobbies | Fabric Scrapping | Provides instructions for creating a variety of items, including napkins, scented sachets, lampshade, apron, and shoe bag, using scrap fabrics, lace remnants, buttons, ribbons | ISBN:1402748671 | 2008
Crafts & Hobbies | 160 pages | Stitch it | An inspirational, informative, and practical guide to using fabrics within the home to introduce color, pattern, and texture provides professional advice on selecting and | Over 20 Specially Commissioned Projects for Stylish Soft Furnishings | ISBN:9781840913750 | 2004 | Katie Ebben
Provides an introduction to hand and machine sewing, and step-by-step instructions for projects including converting jeans to a skirt, a beach bag, and clothes decoration | Simply Sewing | Juvenile Nonfiction | 2004 | ISBN:1553376609 | 48 pages | Judy Ann Sadler, Jane Kurisu
This is the story of three beautiful and talented women: Mabel, gentle Amy and Tara, who is hungry for success and life on her own terms | ISBN:9780099428060 | Lesley Pearse | Fiction | Oct 1, 2003 | Tara | 720 pages
223 pages | Dont hide that patch, make it a bold, beautiful embellishment! Repair holes with bright thread and a creative darning stitch; revive a stained shirt with fun embroidery! In | 2012 | ISBN:9781603425643 | Mend It Better | Kristin M. Roach | Crafts & Hobbies | Creative Patching, Darning, and Stitching Language Arts & Disciplines | The Dictionary of Concise Writing | A guide to clean, strong prose that lists thousands of common, wordy phrases and offers concise alternatives | ISBN:0966517660 | Robert Hartwell Fiske | 2002 | 412 pages | 10,000 Alternatives to Wordy Phrases Multi-objective decision making | Simon French, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications, University of Manchester. Dept. of Decision Theory | based on the proceedings of a conference on multi-objective decision making | STANFORD:36105031971158 | Business & Economics | 1983 | 325 pages 2010 | "Throughout Dorine Jennette's Urchin to Follow, we hear the clatter and bustle and boisterous music of a kind of poetic mad scientist, a writer examining the things of this | Poetry | Urchin to Follow | 80 pages | Dorine Jennette | ISBN:0982115571,
Dec 14, 2008 | ISBN:9780316054881 | Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum | After a variety of animals get stuck one by one in bubble gum melting in the road, they must survive encounters with a big blue truck and a burly black bear | Juvenile Fiction | Lisa Wheeler
This whimsical volume is for those canines--and their owners--who enjoy fancy dressing and a touch of drama in their lives. It gives directions for making 12 amusing doggy | 128 pages | 2003 | Pets | Alison Jenkins | ISBN:0764125842 | Doggy Fashion
Yes Miss: The Sessions (BDSM) | Mistress Hillary Devine is back in this hot BDSM tale, and she's taking her dominatrix dreams further than she ever imagined. How far will she go to sate her appetite? This 3 | Fiction | Tori Westwood,, 2006 | Victoria Magazine, Gillian Haslam | Charming cushions, delicate curtains, scented sachets, cream-edged organdy tablecloths, and white-ribbon-tied pillowcases: lovely, handmade details such as these help turn a | Charming Handmade Projects for Every Room | ISBN:1588166171 | Romantic Touches | Crafts & Hobbies | 128 pages, Computers | Cryptography and Coding: 9th IMA International Conference ..., Volume 9 | Kenneth G. Paterson, Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications | 9th IMA International Conference, Cirencester, UK, December 16-18, 2003, Proceedings | 383 pages | This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th IMA International Conference on Cryptography and Coding, held in Cirencester, UK in December 2003. The 25 revised full | ISBN:3540206639 | Dec 3, 2003, Education | Facts101 is your complete guide to Cultural Anthropology. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms | 544 pages | Cultural Anthropology | CTI Reviews | Oct 16, 2016 | ISBN:9781467262118
Crafts & Hobbies | Pretty Little Purses & Pouches | ISBN:1600592147 | 2008 | A new collection of charming and ingenious projects includes complete instructions and patterns for thirty colorful carryalls that feature cell-phone cases, wallets, daytime | 132 pages | Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader, Nathalie Mornu,,
164 pages | The Free Man | More than the account of one individual, The Free Man is the story of a people and of two times. Like Richter's own forebears, the character of Henry Free is one of the hard | Fiction | Jan 1, 1998 | ISBN:0812216792 | Conrad Richter 30 pages | CORNELL:31924001335912 | Beekeeping | John Shida | Bee culture | 1976 1991 | Introduction to Discrete Mathematics | R. Hirschfelder, John Hirschfelder, Jack Hirschfelder | Mathematics | 535 pages | PSU:000018719062
Pussy and the Birds | 16 pages | STORY BY BEVERLEY RANDELL, Beverley Randell | Beginner reader | Pussy is hungry and cannot catch a bird | ISBN:1869555503 | 1993 Forms of Collective Violence | PSU:000062942744 | 2006 | Riots, Pogroms, & Genocide in Modern India | 184 pages | Genocide | Paul R. Brass | These essays focus on the various forms of collective violence that have occurred in India during the past six decades, which include riots, pogroms, and genocide. It is argued
Decorative Stitches and Trimmings | 50 pages | CORNELL:31924003592171 | Embroidery and Decorative Stitches. Ribbon and Fabric Trimmings | Dressmaking | Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences | 1934,
One Dark Night | Lisa Wheeler | Juvenile Fiction | ISBN:0152023186 | 32 pages | 2003 | Mouse and Mole feel afraid one dark night crossing a mush-mucky swamp and a marsh-misty wood 2004 | Quick & Easy Machine Quilts | ISBN:1580111742 | Explains how to take advantage of the convenience of the modern sewing machine to create a variety of beautiful quilt projects for every area of the home, featuring step-by | 25 Modern Heirlooms for the Home | 128 pages | Crafts & Hobbies | Gloria Nicol Hip, Hip, Hooray Day! | A Hip & Hop Story | ISBN:0152024956 | Barney Saltzberg | Juvenile Fiction | 2002 | Hop has trouble surprising Hip on her birthday | 40 pages
Emergency Fixes for the Rips, Snags & Tears of Everyday Life | Crafts & Hobbies | Valerie Van Arsdale Shrader, Nathalie Mornu | 112 pages | Has a rip ruined your favorite shirt? Did a button pop off minutes before that important interview? Dont worry; with this "survival kit in hand, youre ready to handle any | 2007 | ISBN:1600591221 | Survival Sewing, Jan 10, 2017 | Photography | Starting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer | Here is a virtual treasury of advice, insight, and guidance for every freelance photographer! The step-by-step advice covers the multitude of concerns facing aspiring and | ISBN:9781621535461 | Tad Crawford, Chuck DeLaney | 352 pages, Property Management | Corporate Strategies, Financial Instruments and the Urban Environment | 2004 | Business & Economics | ISBN:0754636283 | 152 pages | Mark Deakin | Drawing upon a number of international property management projects, this book outlines the issues underlying the development of property management. Addressing key topics such,,
295 pages | 2001 | Jeannette Franks | The Statewide Guide to Independent and Assisted Living Retirement Communities | A bewildering array of choices confronts anyone looking for "the right" retirement community. With buzzwords like continuing care, independent living, and skilled care, how can | Reference | ISBN:1570612633 | Washington Retirement Options Roy C. Anderson | Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates | Their Development and Transmission | This well illustrated book provides an historical and unified overview of a century and a half of research on the development, life cycles, transmission and evolution of the | Feb 8, 2000 | Science | 672 pages | ISBN:0851997864, Various | Jul 30, 2010 | Crafts & Hobbies | A treasure trove of more than 25 great projects, simple enough for beginners but irresistible to all. Practical yet pretty hand and sewing machine projects are an ideal way to | 128 pages | Make Me I'm Yours... Sewing | ISBN:9781446357347 David & Charles Editors | Get hands-on experience with this guide to the basics of hand sewing. Beautiful and practical, learn this versatile craft through step-by-step techniques, covering everything | ISBN:9780715338926 | 52 pages | Crafts & Hobbies | Nov 18, 2010 | How to Sew - Hand Sewing,,
Jan 24, 2013 | Forgive Me | Lesley Pearse | Lesley Pearse, No.1 UK bestselling author of "The Promise and Belle", is back with "Forgive Me", a compelling story of a daughter uncovering her mother's secret past
Hilary Mandleberg | Jan 17, 2013 | Take the first step to sewing success with Get Started: Sewing, part of a new series of learning guides from DK where nothing is assumed and everything is explained. Each | ISBN:9781465410764 | 192 pages | Get Started: Sewing | Crafts & Hobbies
New Quilting | 64 pages | ISBN:0765195763 | Art | Isabel Stanley, Jenny Watson | Furnishing an outline of all the skills a new or experienced quilter needs to know in order to create beautiful quilting projects, this book provides photographs of every step | Apr 1, 1997 2001 | Laura Lee Benson | This is our earth | 31 pages | Juvenile Nonfiction | ISBN:0618061983 ISBN:0749651725 | 2003 | 32 pages | Great Britain | Going to War in World War Two | Moira Butterfield
0495012874 | 2008 | ISBN:1428859179 | 120 pages | Cram101 Textbook Reviews | Education | Outlines and Highlights for Statistical Methods for Psychology by Howell, Isbn | Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Virtually all of the testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events from the textbook are included. Cram101 Just the FACTS101 studyguides ISBN:0762105844 | 2005 | Complemented by more than four hundred photographs and illustrations, this practical project handbook introduces fifty simple ideas to accent every room in the house, ranging | Crafts & Hobbies | 160 pages | Gloria Nicol | Quick and Easy Home Sewing Projects ISBN:0521000726 | A Short History | History | Presents a clear, concise account of Italian history from the Ice Age to the present | Harry Hearder, Jonathan Morris | Italy | 294 pages | Dec 13, 2001,
House & Home | ISBN:1580112250 | So Simple Slipcovers | 2005 | Stylish slipcovers are a way to transform the look of furniture without spending a fortune. So Simple Slipcovers shows how to choose and create just the right covers for chairs | 208 pages | Gail Abbott, Cate Burren