A Lane to the Land of the Dead: And Other Stories of the Supernatural; 1994; Hamish Hamilton, 1994; 9780241002148; Adèle Geras

A collection of eerie haunting stories set in Manchester UK.
Juvenile Fiction; Jan 18, 2011; 400 pages; Adle Geras; ISBN:9781446403679; Happy Ever After; 3 book bind-up; The Tower Room: Loosely based on Rapunzel, this is the story of a sudden, unexpected, passionate relationship and the unforessen yet inevitable results of defying convention
ISBN:0192752243; Cats; Mar 1, 2003; Ozzy the cat describes the activities of the unusual Fantora family, which includes a clairvoyant grandmother, an invisible boy, and a vegetarian vampire aunt; The Fabulous Fantora Files; 120 pages; Adle Geras
Mar 1, 2003; Cats; Ozzy the cat narrates the adventures of this unusual family, in which Bianca brings her bath toys to life, Rosie gets a job by adding a little magic to her cooking and how they; The Fabulous Fantora Photographs; Adle Geras; ISBN:0192752251; 147 pages
2003; Adle Geras; ISBN:9780711219595; 32 pages; Rebecca is getting ready to celebrate Passover and she is helping Granny Sarah make the special food needed for the Sedar. As Rebecca and her brother work, Granny Sarah tells; Juvenile Fiction; Rebecca's Passover
UCSC:32106018323847; Social Science; Verrier Elwin; 385 pages; A pioneering anthropologist who closely studied little-known Indian tribes, Verrier Elwin's writings provide insight into Indian tribal life, art, and culture. The essays in; Selected Writings; 2001; Philanthropologist
The Cats of Cuckoo Square; ISBN:9780440418153; Juvenile Fiction; Adle Geras; Oct 1, 2002; Uninterested in being the model for his owner's picture for the "Paint Your Pet" competition, Perkins tries to find a way out and back to his quiet life, in an amusing easy; 96 pages; Picasso Perkins
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John Macmurray; Philosophy; ISBN:0391037153; 1957; The self as agent; 230 pages
ISBN:088106064X; Describes a class tour of Washington, D.C., and provides information about museums, monuments, government buildings, and cultural sites in a scrapbook format. Includes a; 32 pages; Washington, DC; Laura Lee Benson; Juvenile Nonfiction; 1999 Emmanuel Cooper, Amanda Fielding; Pottery; ISBN:1900941716; Mar 1, 2004; 105 pages; Walter Keeler ISBN:1597071854; Mar 16, 2010; Classics Illustrated Deluxe #5: Treasure Island; 144 pages; The themes of Robert Louis Stevensons classic novel Treasure Island; loyalty, adventure, morality and especially coming of age, make it ideal for Classics Illustrated; Robert Louis Stevenson; Juvenile Fiction
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Emma Thompson has written a screen adaption of Jane Austen's romantic satire of the mores and morals of early 19th-century England. In these diaries, she recounts the daily; ISBN:0747530602; The Diaries; 1996; Emma Thompson, Clive Coote; Sense and sensibility (Motion picture); Sense & Sensibility; 124 pages
The island of Ithaka is overrun with uncouth suitors demanding that Penelope choose a new husband, as she patiently awaits the return of Odysseus from the Trojan War, in the; ISBN:0152056033; Juvenile Fiction; 2005; Adle Geras; 360 pages; Ithaka Education; Moral Instruction League, London, Harrold Johnson; HARVARD:32044028970572; 1908; 46 pages; Moral Instruction in Elementary Schools in England and Wales : a Return Compiled from Official Documents
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Education; 348 pages; Clinical Procedures for Medical Assisting; Facts101 is your complete guide to Clinical Procedures for Medical Assisting. In this book, you will learn topics such as HIV, Hepatitis, and Other Blood-Borne Pathogens; CTI Reviews; ISBN:9781478427261; Sep 26, 2016, https://wpcontent.top/edie/267999, scribd.com/search?query=A+Lane+to+the+Land+of+the+Dead%3A+And+Other+Stories+of+the+Supernatural
145 pages; ISBN:0152061002; Juvenile Fiction; Voyage; Adle Geras; 2007; Relates the experiences of a group of Jewish young people in 1904 as they journey from their homes in Eastern Europe to the United States in search of a new life A simple introduction to C that is suitable for the first time user of computers whether it be PCs, small business computers or large interactive systems. Dissections, a unique; UCSC:32106008345719; Computers; 461 pages; 1987; C by dissection; Al Kelley, Ira Pohl; the essentials of C programming UOM:39015045696088; Richard Pine; Oscar Wilde; 1997; Biography & Autobiography; 156 pages 1997; Upper Primary Graded Lists and Activities for Upper Primary; Age 9-12; Spelling Success!; 152 pages; English language; ISBN:1864412364 483 pages; ISBN:8120614682; A Narrative Of Seven Years Of Exploration And Adventure In Siberia, The Kirghis Steppes,Chinese Tartary, And Parts Of Central Asia; 1859; Thomas Witlam Atkinson; Oriental and Western Siberia; Travel; A Narrative of Seven Years Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia Measuring and Improving Social Impacts; 266 pages; ISBN:9781351276221; Business & Economics; A Guide for Nonprofits, Companies and Impact Investors; Sep 8, 2017; Identifying, measuring and improving social impact is a significant challenge for corporate and private foundations, charities, NGOs and corporations. How best to balance; Marc J. Epstein, Kristi Yuthas, www.alibris.com/booksearch?title=A+Lane+to+the+Land+of+the+Dead%3A+And+Other+Stories+of+the+Supernatural Juvenile Fiction; ITHAKA tells the story of the women left behind after the end of the Trojan War. While Odysseus is slowly making his way home, overcoming terrible obstacles sent by the gods; Ithaka; Nov 30, 2010; 416 pages; ISBN:9781446403617; Adle Geras, www.coop.com.au/search?keyW=A+Lane+to+the+Land+of+the+Dead%3A+And+Other+Stories+of+the+Supernatural Survive!; ISBN:0140388176; 155 pages; Juvenile Fiction; Oct 1, 1999; earthquake alert; Adle Geras, Jack Dillon, https://wpcontent.top/edie/1512402467 What does it take for a Christian to be sexually holy in today's erotically charged culture? In Paying for Sex, David Holland courageously answers this question. Having been; The Spiritual Implications of Your Sex Life and Mine; Jan 30, 2014; ISBN:9780992810924; Paying for Sex; Religion; 200 pages; David Holland Feb 19, 1987; Fiction; Susanna Rowson; Charlotte Temple; 160 pages; ISBN:019977028X; The sentimental novels of the early national period were considered a danger to society and were criticized for the corrupting influence they had on the minds of their mostly
2007; Children's stories; Cleopatra; 63 pages; ISBN:0753413590; Adle Geras; At ten years old, Nefret becomes a handmaiden to Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. Nefret's diary gives a unique insight to the life of this most famous and powerful ruler Sandra M. Nutley, H. T. O. Davies, Peter C. Smith; Evidence-based Policy and Practice in Public Services; Political Science; Jan 1, 2000; ISBN:1861341911; 380 pages; An exploration of how the knowledge gained from research is used to improve the effectiveness of public policy formation and public service delivery. It covers eight areas of; What Works? 32 pages; The rabbit Ritchie makes out of dough in nursery school gets squashed, but Ritchie's father helps him repair the situation; Mar 1, 1987; Nursery School Rabbit; Adle Geras; ISBN:0394887123; Fathers and sons
This thoroughly revised and updated edition features a streamlined, visually-oriented approach to nursing skills. The full-color design, hundreds of photos and drawings, and; Clinical competence; 998 pages; 2000; ISBN:032300802X; Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills Adle Geras; 24 pages; Sleep tight, ginger kitten; Health & Fitness; 2001; ISBN:1580481701 Juvenile Fiction; Adle Geras; 2006; Happy Endings; 182 pages; ISBN:0152057730; Sixteen-year-old Mel encounters a tangled web of relationships and her first romance when she is cast in a local theater company's production of "Three Sisters"
ISBN:9781101621912; 288 pages; Leslie Marmon Silko; Social Science; Storyteller; Now back in printa classic work of Native American literature by the bestselling author of Ceremony Leslie Marmon Silko's groundbreaking book Storyteller, first published in; Sep 25, 2012 Richard Fox, Betty Fox; Family & Relationships; 221 pages; Florida attracts more retirees than any other state--450,000-plus during the latest census. Many times that number are currently considering such a move; ISBN:0964421666; The Most Complete Guide to Retirement Areas in the Sunshine State; Feb 9, 1999; Where to Retire in Florida, bit.ly/ltpWOoU 530 pages; Jean Andrews, Todd Verge; The Lab Manual for A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, Sixth Edition is designed to accompany the A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC, Sixth Edition. This; 2006; Computers; A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC; ISBN:0619217634, https://wpcontent.top/edie/wp3oocns4z, wp.me/puGgz8-ju
A Short Story from Guys Read: Funny Business; ISBN:9780062111494; Juvenile Fiction; Long before Artemis Fowl appeared in Eoin Colfers hit series, he was born in the form of Eoins younger brother Donal--the young criminal mastermind of the family. And on; Guys Read: Artemis Begins; Eoin Colfer, Jon Scieszka; Jun 21, 2011; 40 pages, www.flipkart.com/search?q=A+Lane+to+the+Land+of+the+Dead%3A+And+Other+Stories+of+the+Supernatural ISBN:1860940803; Jan 1, 1998; "Green's functions for Solid State Physicists" has helped introduce several generations of condensed matter physics graduate students to the very powerful ideas of quantum many; 317 pages; Science; S. Doniach, E. H. Sondheimer; Green's Functions for Solid State Physicists, https://wpcontent.top/edie/file-935
I. Edward Alcamo, Princeton Review (Firm); Biology Coloring Workbook; 327 pages; 1998; ISBN:0679778845; Following in the successful footsteps of the "Anatomy" and the "Physiology Coloring Workbook", The Princeton Review introduces two new coloring workbooks to the line. Each book; Medical
96 pages; May 1, 2003; Reading Connection; ISBN:1932210199; Fourth grade (Education); Molly McMahon; Grade 4; Rainbow Bridge proudly presents The Connection Series*, workbooks designed for students in grades K-6 to provide grade-level appropriate and focused practice in math, reading