Mass on Sunday: And Other Ways of Being Catholic, 127 pages, Charles Edward Miller, Paulist Press, 2004, 9780809142378, 2004

"Highlights: - wonderful way to reinforce one's faith- enjoyable reading- Fr. Miller is a popular author
Six Good Reasons for Staying in an Imperfect Church, Remaining Catholic, ISBN:9780879462895, Father Pable has written a practical, non-apologetic, convincing book about what the church has to offer that cannot be found anywhere else: community, tradition, sacraments, Martin Pable, Religion, 2005, 126 pages
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Understanding What We Say And Do In The Liturgy, Religion, 157 pages, A Biblical Walk Through The Mass, Edward Sri, Jun 25, 2014, As Catholics, the Mass is the center of our Faith. We celebrate it every day. We know all the responses. We know all the gestures. But do we know what it all means? In A
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Fiction, George, ISBN:0972595376, A Pitch Dark Comedy, Nov 1, 2003, Wayne Holland, 216 pages, This concept story is based on the idea that memories can be deliberately manipulated. The central character's rationale is based on a very simple, and very sinister, premise "We need to invoke the Holy Spirit constantly.It is like being plunged into the deep and not knowing what we will find."-Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel Has the Holy, ISBN:9781612783369, Oct 21, 2014, 128 pages, Religion, Open to the Holy Spirit, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Living the Gospel with Wisdom and Power Did you know? + Semen contains only 5 to 15 calories per ejaculation, and about 60% of our recommended daily intake of Vitamin C + In 1894 an anti-masturbatory food was, ISBN:9781907906022, 160 pages, The Greatest Guide to Sex, Jun 1, 2011, Julie Peasgood, Reference,
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Jun 26, 2014, The Inspiring Stories of 12 Men Who Became Catholic Priests, 190 pages, Catholic priests communicate the glory of heaven through the ministry of the word and the sacraments, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the source and summit of our, Religion, Christine A. Mugridge, Jerry Usher, Called By Name
They Drink It in the Congo, Eastern Congo. Home to the deadliest conflict since World War II. London. Home to a festival to raise awareness of Congo. That is if Stef can get it off the ground. Adam Brace, Sep 1, 2016, ISBN:9780571334957, Drama, 96 pages, Adam Brace,
Augustn Escobar Latap, Susan F. Martin, 240 pages, Mexico-U.S. Migration Management, Oct 23, 2008, Social Science, ISBN:9780739130599, A Binational Approach, The need to understand the migration between the United States and Mexico is greater today than at any time in its century long history. Its volume and complexity are greater
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