A Feather Duster Tail | Areta Bass | Bravado Publishing, 2010 | 2010 | 9780984356270

Jack is a Missouri Mule. He can behave when he is loved, but he's mean when he does not get his way. A gang of boys slip into the barn one night and cut off Jack's tail, leaving 6 inches attached. Homer makes a feather duster tail for Jack, and Dr. Ross attaches it to the 6 inch stub of tail. Then Dr. Ross brings a pal for Homer and Jack. Fire Fox is a pureblood Coon Hound. He has 3 and a1/2 legs. One hind leg had a fighting match with 4 Raccoons, and the coons won. Now Fire Fox walks with a peg leg, and he is cross-eyed. Those rascals can get into anything. Don't take your eyes off them, because if you do they are gone, getting into trouble again. Just look for Jack flicking his ears and his tail dancing in the air over his back.
Jan 1, 2010 | ISBN:9780981588476 | B. K. Mayo | 407 pages | Fiction | A Novel | Tamara's Child | Tamara Ames is sixteen, pregnant, and determined to make a new life for herself and her child when she arrives, alone, in the small lumber town of Fir Valley, Oregon
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