The Sun at Night: A Novel Roger Williamson 9780962021817 1989 Vann Press, 1989

Body, Mind & Spirit A Complete Course in Practical Ceremonial Magic : the Original Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (Stella Matutina) Israel Regardie, Cris Monnastre, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke ISBN:0875426638 807 pages The Golden Dawn 1989 Provides an overview of the knowledge and practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; describes rituals of the Outer and Inner Orders; and discusses techniques of
Now a classic in the field, used by students of the Golden Dawn as well as by those who want to understand Crowley's tarot. This is the definitive study of the Egyptian tarot Body, Mind & Spirit Jun 1, 1981 Aleister Crowley, Freida Harris ISBN:0877282684 (Egyptian Tarot) Book of Thoth: (Egyptian Tarot), Issue 5 287 pages
Benjamin Kwakye 2006 307 pages ISBN:1592213502 The Sun by Night Fiction When an Accra prostitute, consort of a respectable businessman, is found murdered, the subsequent investigation and trial open wounds throughout the Ghanaian community
328 pages ISBN:9780615181356 The Bible of the Adversary is the complete doctrine and practice of the Luciferian Faith. This Bible is for both beginners and serious Adepts, presenting the ideological Michael Ford The Bible of the Adversary 2008 Religion
What's the story in Balamory today? Meet all the favourite characters in this storybook. Come to the nursery and see Miss Hoolie, pop into Pocket and Sweet's and see all the What's the Story 24 pages ISBN:9780099472858 Children's stories RHCB Jul 1, 2004 A Storybook Political Science Jan 1, 1999 UVA:X006029435 Social Policy is a major new textbook designed for use by undergraduates on social policy, social work, and sociology courses, and by students on vocational training courses John Baldock 594 pages Social Policy,, Michel Le Bellac Quantum information and computation is a rapidly expanding and cross-disciplinary subject. This book, first published in 2006, gives a self-contained introduction to the field ISBN:1139457047 Jun 15, 2006 Science A Short Introduction to Quantum Information and Quantum Computation Family & Relationships The Complete Idiot's Guide to Retiring Early 341 pages ISBN:9780028640129 Dee Lee, Jim Flewelling Offers advice on planning an early retirement, including tips on paying off debts, investing money, and calculating net worth 2001 Hoodoo, Voodoo, and Conjure Jeffrey E. Anderson 183 pages Hoodoo, voodoo, and conjure are part of a mysterious world of magic that has long captured the popular imagination. This book is a convenient introduction to the subject for ISBN:0313342210 2008 Body, Mind & Spirit A Handbook,
The Balance Between Mind and Magic The Middle Pillar 274 pages Discusses the relationship between Jung's analytic psychology and hermetic magic, looking at cabala, yoga, Eastern religion, and the pentagram 1998 Body, Mind & Spirit PSU:000054091146 Israel Regardie Isotachophoresis Sep 22, 2011 F.M. Everaerts, J.L. Beckers, T.P.E.M. Verheggen ISBN:0080858066 Theory, Instrumentation and Applications Science 417 pages Isotachophoresis,, Fiction STANFORD:36105035929731 John Clifford Mortimer 205 pages 1979 The trials of Rumpole 2007 ISBN:9780979789007 196 pages Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance How to enjoy successful, stimulating romantic relationships is the subject of a new book by Karen Kreps, Intimacies: Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance. It features selected Karen Kreps Intimacies Family & Relationships,
Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms ISBN:9781412959711 2009 151 pages With updated research and links, the second edition shows educators at all levels and disciplines how to use digital tools to create relevant, interactive learning experiences Will Richardson Computers
Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot was his final opus, the culmination of a lifetime of occult study and practice. With artist Lady Frieda Harris, he condensed the 352 pages Body, Mind & Spirit Lon Milo Duquette Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot Nov 1, 2003 ISBN:1578632765, Blindsight 192 pages Maurice Gee Fiction Alice Ferry is a retired Wellington scientist, a mycologist (fungi is her thing). One day a young man knocks on her door. Adrian is a great-nephew she never knew she had, the ISBN:9781742288000 Sep 30, 2005, ISBN:0750924020 History 250 pages A History of Anti-morality 2000 The Hell-fire Clubs Geoffrey Ashe The Hell-Fire Clubs conjure up images of aristocratic rakes outraging respectability at every turn, cutting a swath through the village maidens and celebrating Black Masses Religion From classical Greek and Roman mythology to the gods of Eastern Europe and Mesopotamia; from Nordic giants to Islamic jinns and Egyptian monsters, this dictionary is packed 263 pages 2004 Manfred Lurker The Routledge Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils and Demons ISBN:0415340187
Jan 1, 2005 ISBN:1561842389 Distilling the Quintessence of Magick Shaping Formless Fire 96 pages Shaping Formless Fire is a practical book on Magick. Magick depends upon no abstract philosophies, and doing it requires neither devotion to any god or demon nor knowledge of Stephen Mace, New Falcon Publications Body, Mind & Spirit,
Microsoft Encarta College Thesaurus Features more than forty thousand alphabetical entries, more than 350,000 alternative synonyms and antonyms, a quick-reference synonym list, and a cross-reference to the ISBN:0312289065 1166 pages Susan Jellis Apr 15, 2002 Reference Fearlessly, Brian Levack tackles a vast, complex subject and reduces it to a concise and lucid synthesis with consummate skill, challenging old assumptions and casting light 344 pages 2006 Brian P. Levack History The Witch-hunt in Early Modern Europe ISBN:0582419018, History Historical outline map book with lesson ideas American history 92 pages 2003 Prentice-Hall, inc ISBN:013062912X
2010 Art 247 pages Man with a Blue Scarf ISBN:0500238758 On Sitting for a Portrait by Lucian Freud Martin Gayford Lucian Freud spent seven months painting a portrait of the art critic Martin Gayford. Gayford describes the process chronologically, from the day he arrived for the first Chris Mann, Robert Gillespie 2001 222 pages Shrimp and Spey Flies for Salmon and Steelhead Sports & Recreation 360 patterns from Ireland, Scotland, the U.K., Iceland, Scandinavia, Canada, and the U.S. Shrimp and spey patterns have always been important to the history of Atlantic salmon ISBN:0811714284 In the aftermath of World War II, Sugamo Prison housed some of the most infamous Japanese war criminals, including Premier Hideki Tojo and I. Torgui D'Aquino, better known as UOM:39015020822931 An Account of the Trial and Sentencing of Japanese War Criminals in 1948, by a U.S. Participant John L. Ginn 1992 Sugamo Prison, Tokyo 297 pages Law The Palmistry Textbook Body, Mind & Spirit 155 pages Peter Burns An Illustrated Guide to Reading Hands The Palmistry Textbook: An Illustrated Guide to Reading Hands, by Peter Burns, is a clearly written, step-by-step guide to hand analysis. Any reader's ability to learn will be 2011 ISBN:1934976342,,
346 pages 2005 In this easy-to-read format, the naturalistic explanation for the universe is dissected, and shows that the biblical model provides a far better explanation of our origins ISBN:9780890514375 Dismantling the Big Bang Alex Williams, John Hartnett Religion God's Universe Rediscovered Body, Mind & Spirit Aleister Crowley, Rose Edith Crowley 160 pages Liber Al Vel Legis ISBN:1578633087 For the first time the Book of the Law is offered in a deluxe, hardcover edition fittingly issued in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Liber AL vel Legis's transmission Mar 1, 2004 The Book of the Law 436 pages Painting Charles I and His Art Collection The Sale of the Late King's Goods 2007 Set against the backdrop of war, revolution, and regicide, and moving from London to Venice, Mantua, Madrid, Paris and the Low Countries, Jerry Brottons colourful and ISBN:0330427091 Jerry Brotton ISBN:1570064695 Zagat Survey 256 pages Travel Our recently released 2003 America's Top Golf Courses covers more than 1,000 public, semi-private and resort courses in the U.S., including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico Nov 1, 2002 America's Top Golf Courses, 392 pages Social Science Nov 14, 2006 Intelligence Gathering, Analysis and Investigations, Second Edition Terrorism and Organized Hate Crime Michael R. Ronczkowski Traditionally, law enforcement agencies react to isolated crimes in insulated jurisdictions. With the rise of terrorism, law enforcement agencies can no longer afford to ISBN:0849378508
1995 Gregory McClellan Buchanan, Martin E. P. Seligman 303 pages This is the first work to condense the large literature on explanatory style -- one's tendency to offer similar sorts of explanations for different events. This cognitive Explanatory Style UOM:39015034240906 Psychology United States A Tale of the Revolution Saratoga: A Tale of the Revolution, Volume 2 HARVARD:32044011850195 1824 Eliza Lanesford Cushing
ISBN:086598154X The Economics of the Industrial Revolution Joel Mokyr 267 pages To find more information about Rowman and Littlefield titles, please visit Business & Economics Jan 1, 1985
Stuart Allan Citizen Journalism Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives examines the spontaneous actions of ordinary people, caught up in extraordinary events, who felt compelled to adopt the role of a news ISBN:1433102951 2009 Language Arts & Disciplines 277 pages Global Perspectives
Orestes Augustus Brownson 1885 STANFORD:36105013080457 The Works of Orestes A. Brownson: Politics Literature ISBN:1841620904 Eccentric America Reference All That's Weird and Wacky in the USA Jan Friedman 2004 Winner of the coveted Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Gold Award for Guidebooks 2002 and voted Best Travel Book of 2001 by the North American Travel Journalists Association 314 pages Body, Mind & Spirit Pillars of Tubal Cain Nigel Jackson, Jackson Howard, Michael Howard ISBN:1861630298 At the secret heart of the Western Mystery Tradition lies the angelic wisdom that forms the teachings of true magick. Drawing from a wide range of sources, this book presents a 2000 286 pages, Measuring Minds ISBN:0521003636 478 pages Apr 23, 2001 History Explores intelligence testing in the US through the career of Henry Herbert Goddard Leila Zenderland Henry Herbert Goddard and the Origins of American Intelligence Testing, Cases and Materials on Equity and Trusts Equity A comprehensive text with a wide range of relevant, interesting case law, statutory material, academic extracts and official proposals for law reform. In a subject that is ISBN:019926192X Jan 1, 2003 545 pages Paul Todd, Gary Watt
Amelia Royo, Elena Mara Altuna UOM:39015073642806 Latin American literature 411 pages 2007 de la colonia a nuestros das Literatura e imaginario poltico
Sam Stall ISBN:1594741638 History Cats are fuzzy, cute, lazy, silly. But are they influential? Socially significant? Yes! 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization offers factual accounts of cats who played myriad History's Most Influential Felines 2007 100 Cats Who Changed Civilization 175 pages
ISBN:0312323840 Jul 1, 2004 Students on Campus Tell You What You Really Want to Know, 31st Edition Education Yale Daily News, Yale Daily News Staff The Insider's Guide to the Colleges, 2005 1024 pages Researched by current students at one of the nation's most prestigious university, this 31st edition of "The Insider's Guide to Colleges" dishes dirt on life at 300 schools in
The Desire of Ages 1898 Seventh-Day Adventists UVA:X030804230 Ellen Gould Harmon White 866 pages
"On the morning of her thirty-seventh birthday Louisa Maguire takes a long hard look at her life and doesn't much like what she sees. Her mother didn't want her. Her husband is Americans 339 pages IND:30000107606190 Kate Holmquist 2006 The Glass Room,,
ISBN:0226452719 258 pages Jul 20, 1998 Politicians and pundits alike have complained that the divided governments of the last decades have led to legislative gridlock. Not so, argues Keith Krehbiel, who advances the Law A Theory of U.S. Lawmaking Pivotal Politics Keith Krehbiel,,
The Complete Book of Demonolatry ISBN:0966978862 2008 402 pages Discover powerful rites, magick, and practices that honor Satan and the Demons. Learn how and why the Enns, Demonolatry Sigils, ascension and many other Demonolatry methods are Body, Mind & Spirit S. Connolly ISBN:0738705209 Ciro Marchetti, Barbara Moore Body, Mind & Spirit The Gilded Tarot 150 pages 2004 A classic Tarot deck that dazzles Heralding archetypal elements of traditional Tarot